He slightly unpleasant, but also hold back: “If something is not suddenly yesterday, do you have what itinerary?”


  Pei Hongye lock screen, put a广州桑拿网way the phone, seriously I think the next: “could pick up blossoming together, did not think.”
  Together they pick up blossoming!
  Xiao Heng suddenly frowning: “blossoming know him?This inappropriate bar?”
  Leaves of course know where his heart felt inappropriate point, she turned round, sounding all eyes smile: “Maybe..”
  He did not look back, seemingly concentrate on driving: “It was your friend, I have no doubt, but one thing I think you and I should do, between friends, there should be boundaries, of course, I start.”
  He means self-evident, leaves sideways coming close to some: “Are you sure?”
  Xiao Heng ah sound: “Of course, today, about the total Xiao Xu, and he ran Pei Love In The City is very appropriate, introduce them to learn what.”
  He really is activist, at least distance themselves from the relationship.
  Leaves nodded: “Well, and although you can not say that Pei Ran friend, but I want to believe you.”
  Last night still lingering sweet in their hearts, the two intimacy, trust is from the heart.
  Xiao Heng also brought back lips.
  Time to flash past in the afternoon, Xiao Heng specially brought out leaves.
  And Xu Jiacheng them about the a cafe, Xiao Heng First, then sat by the window position.
  After a few minutes, But also to Xu Jiacheng.
  He was returning home, was covered, but also with some exotic flavors.
  Non-mainstream earrings on the ear, is the sun of a handsome young man, Pei Hongye think of it, this man ran Pei smaller than three years old, because of the perception system, she knew, at that ran parallel to the rebirth of the inside space Pei, Xu Jiacheng However, the relationship between husband and wife and Pei.
  Past and P南宁桑拿resent, some fate may be doomed.
  So the beginning, is certain, but the result depends on personal.
  Xiao Heng introduced to them under the leaves stand up, shake hands with Xu Jiacheng, he was humorous, but polite, expansive eyes, a really good Man.
  Pei has no intention to intervene leaves natural thing, aside sipping juice.
  Two minutes later, Pei Ran came.
  She did not come alone, but also with a colleague over a dance troupe.
  Xiao Heng quickly arranged for them to be seated, introduced under.
  Pei Ran skirt dress professionally, many seem sedate, pure Shen was told she was carrying ears, wearing a white dress, long hair, also wearing two headdress, both pure and charming.

  Yu Wen Qian sensitively aware of her gaze, imperceptibly Tiaomei.


  ”Uncle.”Yu smoked stood up respectfully call.
  Yu Wen Qian nodded dismissively, sitting side fennel beside the hands of the stuff on the table.
  ”this is?”
  ”A few days ago you not want to eat chestnut?”
  Fang fennel eyes light up, a few days ago she did want to eat sugar fried chestnut was it, but then she spoke to forget, forgot to allow drivers to buy, Qian Yu Wen knows who actually remember, but this has a chestnut a hundred years of history, old, especially this old chestnut is particularly difficult to buy, and sometimes line up to twelve hours.
  ”The driver went to buy?”
  Yu Wen Qian silent for a moment, looked down and said: “I went to buy.”
  Fang fennel laughed, hugged him Qinliaoyikou, “Thank you husband.”
  Yu smoked stood slightly embarrassed, she stands to reason fennel and party chat, Yu Wen Qian should not come, or should give them enough space to stay, Yu Wen Qian can actually did not mean to go, let her stand that would be redundant.
  Yu smoked embarrassed for a moment, to go, Fang fennel took her, “Chestnut ate together, this Chestnut good to eat, it is still hot.”
  ”No, I went to see the bubble and the princess, who was so cute, I can understand what they say, they speak English also responded.”
  Fang fennel smiled, her last months woman has been dismissed, and now Yuesao are her personal interview, speak English are good, and there is no accent, and child-rearing philosophy Yuesao told her you like, use them very easily, usually months woman will talk to the children in English, so although children will not say, but we can also understand English.
  Fang fennel peel chestnuts too annoying, simply throw the chestnut Yu Wen Qian.
  Yu Wen Qian took the chestnut, and makes for her stripping, stripping good side fennel is not willing to eat, he had in his mouth.
  And other two had finished back to the room, Yu Wen Qian took her room, apart from anything else, went to lift up her dress, Fang fennel guarding the chest, amidst glittering eyes, pitiful, one being the appearance of indecent assault child.
  Yu Wen Qian raised an eyebrow, “just in the yard you imply me.”
  ”Have it?”Fang Min Chun fennel, Guzuobuzhi.
  ”Yes, you are watching me for 2 seconds below me, one second abdominal read, read lips 3 seconds after you swallow saliva.”
  She can there be so ashamed?Fang fennel smell of urine and feel uncomfortable, but keep the basic style, cough cough: “I just feel too sweet chestnuts, eat.”
  ”I think you are hungry eat me.?”Yu Wen Qian’s eyes with a smile,” I’m glad, married for so long, for my wife Yu was diminished sex drive.”
  Fang fennel n广州桑拿ot want to know, then I thought, who would not tease sultry?She was unreasonable Yu Wen Qian forced hot right ear?Think of it, she Gouzhao Yu Wen Qian waist, back anti-tease.”You bet you thought I today?When ah, when you meet, work, car.You say you do not want me to do the moment?”

  His routine is to deal with prison member sent me a request, then pick again and convey higher, but so many years, the first time he received the message of zero.


  His first reaction is a major event A prison, how or why would even zero..?He has always been indifferent to those outside their extreme dislike of prison officers.
  For all of the Arab-Israeli prison administrators, the zero is a special existence.
  Zero is a unique number, which is the most special prisons exist –
  Zero meaning the beginning and uncontrollable.
  He is the strongest, one of a group of people is the first to be brought in, that group of people are killed off, leaving only a zero.
  Jail people caught up to him and wanted to kill him, but he is too precious, too strong, if a man will not die of bullets to break into, □□ can not hurt him nothing, only the sharpest knife possible he scratched – but no one close to him, then no doubt, he gives fear brings is multiplied.
  They just think of the original state of zero could not help but hit a shiver, he does not die, they can not afford to destroy, and hateful, although the surface was stuck here, they took him no way.
  What a horrible thing.
  At that time he was a thoroughly killing machines, although so many years, he has turned back the calm and reserved, just come in and look the same, but no one would he let down your guard, because everyone knew this guy in the end what a terrible human.
  Not so much A zero was put in prison, and they might as well say zer深圳桑拿网o is entered into the agreement – because zero can not get out, they do not do regarding how to zero, only today’s situation.
  This situation kept for three years, they offer the best accommodation to zero, to enjoy the best treatment, in addition to not go out, zero and stayed at the hotel are almost the same, they also threaten the removal of the zero-camera inside the room in addition to a communication device, they have nothing left in there to zero.
  Inside three years, he never take the initiative and contacted people outside of the prison, suddenly contact, nature is a noteworthy event.
  But what happens when that big things correspondent saw that “a seasoned vet,” we could not help but surprised a moment.
  Although he did not understand but did not neglect their privileges enabled immediately contact北京养生会所 their superiors, A prison managers after receiving the news very seriously, an emergency meeting, did not dare let the other side waiting to zero, immediately go outside emergency transfer to a veterinarian with the past.
  One by one they live in fear, the fear is that you want to take this opportunity to zero out what the whole unitary moths come, he sent several people to protect the personal safety of that veterinary.
  However, when they are frightened to knock on the door, the door drops sound, revealing a man with a house coat, he never liked to wear prison uniforms, a large wardrobe of clothes are colored, but this light colored home clothes did not dilute his body cold, but the cold made him look more.
  His eyes swept lightly sweep these guards dressed in white protective clothing, inorganic pupils looked for a moment staring at them, see them straight to the hearts of chills, this recovered sight, “veterinarian come.”
  Other life habitat is to scare him, stunned at the door shut and no go.
  Do not blame them, the opposite of people, but zero ah.
  Even monitors corridor image managers do not blame them, face to zero, then, is to first meet his demands prevail, but one by one they were a little tense up, watching the monitor inside the door.And the placement of the pocket veterinary eavesdropper.

  To be honest, playing so many copies work, he said it is not much skill, but no matter where one shop, he can make himself quickly adapt to the environment, a variety of jobs he could do that, as long as we’re not really talking about technology of, for example, is really cooking.


  His situation is not the same any connection with Liu Yuan, he is curious that people are born very heavy, into the kitchen and he had also personally done meal, but helpless God did not give him really light up this skill, do do not just do not taste good.
  That is, obviously all the steps related to the same people, but made out of rice taste is not the same, people are very uncomfortable.
  But in the end he did not really find frustration and competent, but also reflects the job of his ability, big winter, Tu Xin has long been the cool skin to stop, the family are now selling rice, Spicy, fried noodles, also there are three things on the cart, this chicken has been Wang Ziyang pack, he has a habit of doing, the action is very smooth to fill the gap.
  This is actually not much to prepare noodles, really I want to worry about is just slaughter welcomes the sprouts.Spicy meat used is Liu Li get in, he looked serious, determined to do his own thing, until the vegetables are slightly longer to prepare some of the evening.
  Then it is cut potatoes.
  He did not find the lost, led Li Song Pidianpidian ran intend to follow with peeling potatoes.
  Tu Yan is also here, it smoothly handed over the past two knives.Plus two people, more than a little faster, Zhang Rong Li Song with at least do it live is really deft, Li Song Do not look chunky, just a rough five fingers, moving up really fast.
  Should be a sentence: Appearances are deceitful.
  Less than half the afternoon, everything is ready, Tu Xin intend to shop and go to another thing, uniform blouse.
  If you want to save costs, then, Tu Xin can actually painted himself a good sample, let Liu Tu with his aging mother to do it, Liu needlework actually do pretty good, at least not what it looks like embroidery patterns.
  But Tu Yan suddenly want more than a dozen, she wanted to open her blouse sub shop staff are also ready to give her time to go directly to the band in the past, no longer trouble the second time.
  In this case a long time a little tight, fourteen is tomorrow afternoon, things will begin to prepare the fifteen, fifteenth, Lantern Festival, this day is no curfew at night business will be good, so ten five day will very busy day.
  Taken together, Tu Xin decided to find a Embroidery, not busy at home, they thought his aging mother Tu Tu Yan and her husband want to build a relationship of small, waved his hand and let them go, do not even ask why go.
  Embroidery go then there is no so much trouble, it was late afternoon, the heat of noon head left a little bit, and the wind stopped, so compared to the morning Tu Yan out of that trip, there really is much warmer.
  Tu Xin just surrounded by a scarf, hat did not even band went on the road, the snow began to swirl up and down, Embroidery was not far away, two people pick up the pace, which is to.
  A middle-aged woman flew to meet up.Do not look at the status of women improved a lot now, but all the shop, can no obstacle to recruit women, or very little, except Embroidery.
  Embroidery is also a former recruit men, 南宁夜生活网but since the first Embroidery began to try to recruit women, and has been used to buy material to buy clothes customer warmly welcomed, more and more began to recruit woman Embroidery.
  After all, to buy clothes more than a woman, a woman from the same material discussed what style, and more know how to impress customers.
  So Embroidery treasurer were all found that women are better than men sold.To the present, basically all strokes are Embroidery workers.
  The front, not looking at the young do not look small, but the whole person exudes temperament, a competent but not feel aggressive temperament.
  She ignored a direct counterparts Wang Ziyang, straight greet Xin Tu.”This young lady, what you want to point it?”
  He received warm hospitality Tu Yan little bit embarrassed, “just want twenty blouse, but have a fixed pattern 北京桑拿按摩blouse.”
  Middle-aged woman and not because he flatly refused to live small, but asked in detail: “What kind of color that you want to this blouse?What kind of material?There are above your pattern is ready, or are we free to play?”
  Tu Xin well prepared, took out a folded piece of paper on which is painted with a child’s head in coal, chubby face, big smile looking to make people happy.

  To this time, Paul Chun but not anxious, indifferent look at h广州桑拿网im.


  He pupil shrink next, followed by the opening, “Yu Ze.”
  It touches poetic name, but added the pity.
  Muyun Yan guessed her purpose, pointing to the center of the tent, “You take advantage of people did not notice here, to go along with her, insisted that time people say you killed to become, other do not have to speak out of turn.”
  ”Things can be done, something to talk about cooperation.”
  Paul Chun dark dark dark eyes, the hidden cub back to the cage, “With your first grievance.”
  Full play to do, since Muyun Yan promised to help her, and only returned to the inside.
  Full three months in jail, the taste of which only fear is that he knows best, but he still went in, without a trace of hesitation.
  ”Rest assured, I will take you out.”
  Paul Chun staring at his eye, a single word of commitment.
  Muyun Yan Leng Heng sound, twisting against the corner.
  I thought he was the most difficult, who knows what he consciously went in, but rather gained, far away from the cage, any how she cried, is not willing to go.
  Paul Chun can not children, and had to go into their own.
  Cub see her put into the cage, the cage first suspiciously outside a circular motion, occasionally twitching softSoft ears.
  Finally, it chose to come.
  Paul Chun at the door ready when it passed over the tail gate, immediately go out, incidentally, shut the door, then locked neat, all the action, and was wrapped.
  Cub turned and rushed the cage, pathetic shouting, Paul Chun and made my heart very guilty, but suffer no other way but to leave the hard-hearted.
  Account of the bodies still lying on the ground, rain Ze told her no, take the dagger stained with blood, Paul Chun is put on the previous clots of blood.
  After the perimeter and they know that, they still have to wear old clothes, she would definitely not looking to kill again after wearing pieces.
  Amasawa here busy Well, Paul Chun black face, very fit there for help, attracting a bunch of people.
  ”How is this going?How you were here?”
  The first came in did not react, throw silly question.
  A few saw the knife, fell to the ground and his hand man child, have gasped, “You can actually killed.”
  ”Since he died, the rain Ze is the boss here the.”
  ”Where it would be so simple!”



  Probably beauty lost eyes lost wisdom, did not find Ming Yan little low pressure, such as when the last meal eaten away and want to speak Tang Tang, Ming is to push back a little cold Yan back.
  And so on back to his red sports car flair, Chen Mingyu still thought to understand.
  Eat Shihai good, how suddenly his face was downcast up?Is it less Yan Ming Tang Tang found myself thinking about this move?
  Can not, he’s out in front of or possession of small Yan quite law-abiding, Tang Tang is also such a thing will not share with the uncle.
  Who knows how him.
  But Yan Ming little personality is such, it is seen next twenty years know little laugh Yan Ming Yan little cold face is really more normal.
  Chen Mingyu what will happen after totally did not expect.
  Three days later, Tang Tang noon and Dong Feng Yu Qianyang some dinner, and they sealed Qianyang sh北京洗浴网are gossip, “you still do not remember Shen brother?”
  ”Which Shen brother,” Dong Yu completely thought up.
  Tang Tang raised an eyebrow, “Chen Mingyu?”
  ”Yes, yes he is.”
  See Dong Yu did not think of it, Tang Tang reminded her, “is the day the bar door sports car that was in the red.”
  ”Ohhh,” Dong Yu think of it, “long, quite handsome, is a group show.”
  Ha ha ha few people laughed, “how he?”
  ”His brother was hit.”
  Tang Tang to interest, “he do, and was beaten?”
  Chen Jiasheng a son, two daughters, Chen Mingyu is the smallest one, but Shen boss and a little age difference is big, smaller than his brother nearly ten years old, I heard that Shen old married couple often out of the country, Chen Mingyu is pro-sister with Qinge grown.
  Elder sister pet too, the results found that Chen Mingyu has become inseparable from a woman dandy, elder sister is no way, so people become pro-education Chen Mingyu Big Brother.
  Chen Mingyu this life people are not afraid of father and mother, but his brother.
  Last year, when Chen Mingyu do not know when hooked up a partner’s daughter, prompting her daughter committed suicide for love people, I heard that Big Brother Shen Chen Mingyu almost break a leg.Since then, Chen Mingyu playing a woman can only be secretly, for fear of his brother and was found was beating.
  ”In fact, in addition to playing Shen brother, no other problems, do business quite a” temporary closure Qianyang respect to Chen Mingyu pull it down before continuing, “the day before yesterday when Big Brother Shen family’s baby daughter birthday, dinner the usual good relationship with friends to dinner, and the results do not know where to come to touch a girl.”

  Shen Yu frown, she replies: “Good.”


  Author has to say: brother bully little girls to play, there is no pressure, because he is a snake spirit disease!

Chapter 27
  Video of things, really flies into a rage Shen Xiao, assistant to DU to check th深圳桑拿网e same day, that evening action quickly forwarded the online video full delete clean, of course, except for the saved download.
  As for the video on the campus forum, Du assistant with a civilized way, Shen Yu student account login, communicate directly with the administrator, deleted soon was erased.
  Shen Yu thought this thing, Shen Xiao at her home probably will fall ill.
  But actually did not, he would easily let go of this actually her!
  Shen Yu think the possibilities, and finally these things thanks to her foot injury.Shen Xiao should see her pain, to kindly put her on a horse.
  After the two men get along, but also calm, at peace.
  But Shen Yu heart is actually thinking about white Mu Qing Shen Xiao thing about.
  Bai Mu Qing this woman, really fancy, it is not doing nothing biting!Shen Xiao her attitude obviously not salty not pale, she can insist that white lotus isnt it very fragile??
  During the day to see the micro-channel white Mu Qing in the car, about Shen Xiao dinner tomorrow night, Shen Yu was very concerned about, after all, is pulled into the fire pit Shen Xiao culprit, she plans to change the fate of Xiao Shen was the number one enemy.
  Shen Xiao did not approve or reject the spot, so I do not know Yu Shen after he had no further contact on this matter white Mu Qing.
  Shen Yu want to know, grab the heart torsion lungs.
  Shen Xiao did not promise to be the best, if agreed to go on a date, she should want to point any way to stop the job??
  After dinner, Shen Yu obediently sitting on the sofa, Uncle Li to her for gauze, although Uncle Li is a 60-year-old man, but the ability is very strong, he will feel at home is a competent.
  I do not know what Uncle Li’ve been there before, why would a person stay single for so many years Shen.
  See Uncle Li took the medicine cabinet over, Shen Yu whispered: “Uncle Li, my brother did not let you wash the cherries do anything tonight?”
  After dinner tonight, Shen Xiao directly back to the second floor, and too lazy to say a word to her, Shen Yu felt that he should be still angry, but because she is now half of people with disabilities, must not bully, so just put her as a Hollow man.

  Lu horizontal laugh loudly, looking scared Donnan Sheng fell to the ground, throw away cigarette in his hand, cold eyes, “I do not know why you wanted to kill How about you see.”


  Donnan Sheng has been scared speechless come.
  ”Rest assured, crazy murder, do not break the law.”
  Lu transverse bow, a smile exposing.
  His face hidden in the dark, only to see a pair like the endless abyss of general Heimou.
  Juvenile has gone, Donnan Sheng felt they were still doing a lengthy nightmare.
  Lu horizontal, really is a madman.
  Lu cross for a sweaty underwear, back to the classroom, his face hostility disappeared.
  It was lunch time, the Soviet Union rain cartoon look tired, already lying on the desk asleep.
 南宁夜网 Lu cross back to her cell phone, cut open, is a fuzzy video capture on the screen.
  Woman wearing a white silk bow dance, silver moon like a hook behind the Qing Mei picturesque.
  Holding the phone, Lu light hook cross lips, facial features hostility Dunxiao.
  The sun is strong, the movement of land alongside nearly half an hour sitting in a chair, eyes closed bunk.Within a moment, really sleep in the past.
  When he woke up, I suddenly felt something was amiss under the desk.
  Lu cross suddenly pushed chairs to stand up, see below Su rain squatting, hand needlework.
  And his body hole jeans.Has been patchy trace is gone.
  In the following arch girl, soft voice and said: “Your pants are broken, I’ll make it okay.”
  Lu cross moved his stiff legs, face distorted, “his mother Get your ass out.”
  Su rain rolled out.
  ”Where to sewing?”Lu cross gloomy face, legs wide open, strange posture.
  ”Ann gave.”

  But she is still not come first.


  There are many starlets coming from the field, front foot just got off the plane, they directly went to the rear foot space.
  On Their Face we are filled with pride, but only in the depths of the eyes, in order to capture those tired and could not conc苏州桑拿网eal the tension.
  The air filled with a restless.
  For eighteen line star circle little-known, the audition, accounted for almost all of their work time.
  They Quanliquanwai at the junction of ups and downs, the struggles, and repeatedly failed, unpredictable future so that they fear.
  Brutal competition and reality, so little by little to their dreams cut in pieces.
  Physically and mentally exhausted, in addition to continue suffering but no other.
  See late cherry, young girls more or less cast some complex emotions eyes.
  In this high average value of local color, she is still the most outstanding.
  Chi Ying of the sober actually looks sophisticated look, perfect facial features not only was impeccable, good big chest waist hip Alice legs skin, she accounted for all.
  Hot body under the cloth, but not a shred of breath dust南宁桑拿.
  Temperament overhangs to death, falling fairy dust.
  To the envy of almost died.
  The girls talking about, but the strange thing is, the presence of no one knows who is late cherry.
  Her assistant and even a broker no.
  They soon Fufei up, so high-quality appearance are still among the eighteen lines, a little water Huadu no, certainly not acting is okay.
  Or do anything misbehavior things, it blocked by the company.
  Until the locked door is opened, the staff came out and told everyone present: “This is a completely impromptu audition, before the door, there is no role of the release of information.”
  The girls just fall back into silence, some people nervous, some people numb.
  Chi Ying know that this audition mode, she is an absolute advantage.
  Past childhood, scouts had to see through her talent, insist she was a little drama of bone.

  Ruan Zhigang knows better than anyone else, their own wife in front 广州桑拿of a pair of children’s favorite gold earrings.


  He glanced at the cry of Zhao Xiaoling, but also looked at the tough stance of Zhou Xiuying, who embarrassed ah!
  Not the people inside and outside.
  Ruan Zhigang Qiqiyiai, “or else.Otherwise it is not a gift!”
  Zhou Xiuying tough, “No!This is related to your promotion event, your wife as you do this it should be!”And she still look to Zhao Xiaoling, ‘Linda, right?”
  Zhao Xiaoling hold the red face, nor is it for, nor does.
  Nguyen rain almost a saliva spray, my milk!You do ye so much!
  Finally, Nguyen Quoc years has been next to no mute child cold face of the opening, “branch from me a hundred bucks, take it to buy something to get past director Liu!”Nguyen Quoc years for government officials, especially the kind of paranoid son of an officer, or the kind of dogged.
  It is obvi杭州桑拿ous they have to bleeding, and also to send his son to the position of.
  For Nguyen Quoc hundred dollars in it, but also save several months, he was distressed, but no way, the son of an important officer.
  With his use the service, Ruan Zhigang and Zhao Xiaoling heart of a happy.
  But the money has not arrived yet Ruan Zhigang hands, take Zhou Xiuying directly in the hands and handed Ruan Guohua, “the youngest, tomorrow morning to grocery shop, to help them buy milk malt extract Zhigang!”
  ”Mother, I can not do this!”Ruan Guohua Bengzhuo a face, shook his head,” milk malt extract is scarce goods, no goods we Sui Linxian this month, the city is probably going to take a look!”
  Even do it, he is not willing to help ward of thing, anyway, it does not help to help the last to be kicked in the teeth.
  Zhou Xiuying was not thinking youngest would refuse her original intention was to let the youngest from the middle to help buy, let ward to the point of commission, but the youngest was rejected altogether.
  Ward who also shocked, previously home to everything you need, are brought back Ruan Guohua, never ask money is not that also was his initiative to bring back.
  Today, they gave the money, Ruan Guohua was not willing to take this case.
  Ruan Zhigang startled a little, “Uncle, if you buy, the more we buy ah!”
  Ruan Guohua Xieni at him, “you can find someone else to buy!”
  ”Since youngest unwilling to help, forget it!”Nguyen Quoc years had little good-looking face, more livid up, he received the money back,” I do not believe that money can not buy things!!”
  Ruan Guohua just one Oh, the money does not necessarily buy something really.
  This meal down, ward and three-bedroom utterly upset, but did not wink like Ruan Zhiliang, grinning his body dropped to the Ruan Guohua, “Uncle, I heard a number of new shops came clams.toad.Mirror, you can give me the time to leave a way!”