Afternoon comment: Shanghai stock index fell 0.

53% ChiNext fell 0.


Afternoon comment: Shanghai stock index fell 0.

53% ChiNext fell 0.


Securities Times. The two cities opened slightly lower. After the market opened, the broader market rushed higher, but then quickly fell back. The GEM index fell more than 1%. The Shenzhen Component Index, the Shanghai Index fell, the flu, masks and other viral infections weakened collectively. OnlineEducation also showed differentiation. The photovoltaic sector, which had a sharp rise in price yesterday, 武汉夜生活网oscillated and consolidated. The phosphorus chemical sector performed strongly. Semiconductor concept stocks were active across the board. The three major indexes rebounded to the bottom and turned red across the board.

At noon, the Shanghai Composite Index was reported at 2911.

35 points, down 0.

53%; GEM reported 2064.

93 points, down 0.


  Shanxi Securities pointed out that looking forward to the market, the index is likely to remain volatile. Yesterday, the securities sector rallied late. Whether the structural profit effect will occur in the future needs to focus on the continuity of the securities sector; and the current hotspots may be able to obtain fundamentals.Support and continuous strengthening.

New structural opportunities still need to wait for marginal changes on the message and data sides.

  CITIC Securities pointed out that on February 12, 2020, the Politburo Standing Committee and the State Council Standing Committee were included on the same day.

The keynote of the conference was more active, requiring the overall planning of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, highlighting the need to strengthen macro counter-cyclical adjustments, actively expanding domestic demand and stabilizing external demand.

It is expected that a combination of policies at all levels will be introduced in the future to work together to stabilize economic growth.

  Northeast Securities pointed out that from a technical point of view, 2926-2935 points are the starting gap of the market in early December last year, and the downward gap caused by the epidemic is near 2950 points. The current position is also a relatively obvious length range.

Generally speaking, the more ideal trend is for the market to expand to a certain level in the overall position. Step back and step back to around 2850 (neutral scene).

Then, after the role of positive currency and finance to hedge the economic downturn and stabilize economic expectations, a new wave of recovery began, and it was more reasonable to repair to around 3050.

Conversely, if the strong upward trend continues at this position, the consequences of subsequent pressure reduction will be difficult. After that, only limited liquidity easing will be difficult to get out of the continuous market in the A-share market, but it will increase the risk of skyrocketing and plunging.