Emptiness is the demon in your heart A young clerk and I followed it like this: “Every day, I work and live as usual, but I always feel that something is wrong in my heart. It seems that I don’t know why I work and why I live. He wasn’tContinue Reading

Pay attention when talking to the elderly My elders and old people, young and young. Respecting the elderly and loving the young are the traditional virtues of our Chinese nation for thousands of years. When talking with the elderly, pay attention to the following points, which can make it easierContinue Reading

_1 What to watch: Simple upstart salt beauty Sometimes beauty can be an inexpensive thing, and its cost may be minimized, just like the ordinary fine salt we usually eat. It is a popular beauty recipe. I recommend several methods of salt beauty:   First, after washing your face with salt,Continue Reading

Self-exposure to health, never drank ice water for decades Zheng Shaoqiu is not an old secret! Self-exposure to health, never drank ice water for decades Although Hong Kong stars are generally very old-fashioned, if you talk about the real old man, Zheng Shaoqiu is definitely the well-deserved boss. Zheng Shaoqiu,Continue Reading

The solution to the secrets of men, women and children Constipation is going to see a doctor. “I drink a large glass of water every morning on an empty stomach, drink honey water or add pollen, eat black sesame seeds, bananas.” Miss Li, who has constipation for three months, triesContinue Reading

Study finds psychological stress accelerates aging Core tip: We all think that stress will make people get older, but this “old” often refers to “looking less spiritual and lively than before”, only staying on the length of the appearance. But recently, the world’s major media have reported a recent studyContinue Reading

Therapeutic formula for measles Measles is an acute respiratory infection caused by measles virus. Measles virus belongs to the myxovirus group and has only one serotype. May have lifetime immunity after infection.   Typical clinical manifestations of the disease include fever, cough, runny nose, conjunctival congestion, measles plaques (also known asContinue Reading