Menstrual maintenance prescription for regulating menstruation and nourishing blood Angelica is a gynecological holy medicine, both blood and blood. It is a necessary medicine for TCM gynecological conditioning! Jujube is used to nourish qi and blood, and it is also commonly used in gynecological medicine! Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, and amenorrheaContinue Reading

_1 Baby dressing in spring After the Spring Festival, the weather is gradually warmer, and many people start to take off their thick winter clothes. However, it is said that the spring is warm and cold, and there are often cold air strikes in a few days. Especially if theContinue Reading

Chinese medicine tells you 16 kinds of terrible diseases What’s wrong with your face? Chinese medicine tells you 16 kinds of terrible diseases Introduction: Many people often have terrible complexions, which is really scary. Be careful, this is likely to be a manifestation of the disease. What’s wrong with yourContinue Reading

Some kind of gallbladder polyps will get cancer Is the gallbladder polyp serious? Some kind of gallbladder polyps will get cancer Is the gallbladder polyp serious? Gallbladder polyps are common diseases. Because human gallbladder polyps are very familiar, this disease is very harmful. If it is not treated in time,Continue Reading

Is it really happy to be chased by a woman? When making a wish in the new year, many girls say “find a good man” and “marry a gentleman.” Correct”. It’s true that there are not many good men, so you should take your shot early. Nowadays, women are becomingContinue Reading

Slightly tip your husband and listen to me 1. Went to the wedding of his colleague with her husband, and announced the praise of the bride’s beauty. At the same time, she regretted that “the groom is not as handsome as my husband!” “The advantage of doing so is thatContinue Reading

Magical tight-fitting exercise One-foot “Scythe” vertical exercise: exercise the tibia of the single leg of the shoulder and left leg of the abdomen, shorten and relax, and shift the right leg slightly backward, so that the weight is placed on the body part, and the fist heart is inward. RaiseContinue Reading

Who is best to be your friend Four people know you at the same time, and each of them chats with you in different attitudes. Who will you be friends with?   1. Man looking straight at you, head up 2. Hold one hand across your chest and touch your noseContinue Reading

The most classic workplace theory First, the principle of literacy Ransden: When you climb up, you must keep the ladder clean, otherwise you may slip when you come down.   Submitted by: American Management Scientist Lansden.   Opinion: If you have a degree of advancement and retreat, you will not advance.   Lowes’sContinue Reading