Newborn mixed acceptable baseline 2 principles For various reasons, when the mother’s breast milk does not meet the nutritional needs of the newborn, then a mixed diet for the newborn is very necessary. The mixed intake of breast milk and complementary foods can ensure that the newborn has sufficient nutritionContinue Reading

How to eat spicy in the autumn is not popular Nowadays, eating spicy seems to be a fashion, especially in the autumn, the temperature is obviously cool everywhere, and the feeling of eating spicy is back. But the peppers eat more, and the discomfort such as getting angry, sore throat,Continue Reading

The most classic workplace theory First, the principle of literacy Ransden: When you climb up, you must keep the ladder clean, otherwise you may slip when you come down.   Submitted by: American Management Scientist Lansden.   Opinion: If you have a degree of advancement and retreat, you will not advance.   Lowes’sContinue Reading

Self-exposure to health, never drank ice water for decades Zheng Shaoqiu is not an old secret! Self-exposure to health, never drank ice water for decades Although Hong Kong stars are generally very old-fashioned, if you talk about the real old man, Zheng Shaoqiu is definitely the well-deserved boss. Zheng Shaoqiu,Continue Reading

Therapeutic formula for measles Measles is an acute respiratory infection caused by measles virus. Measles virus belongs to the myxovirus group and has only one serotype. May have lifetime immunity after infection.   Typical clinical manifestations of the disease include fever, cough, runny nose, conjunctival congestion, measles plaques (also known asContinue Reading