Yoga thin waist and diet guide Through the combination of yoga exercise and diet, let the excessive bucket waist quickly become the popular willow waist!   The yoga curve of the beautiful waist position increases in a twisting manner. The left lower leg is lifted and bent backwards. The right handContinue Reading

The spiritual energy of yoga Want to boost your vitality? Start right from the body. The essence, qi, and spirit of the human body are absolutely related to the balance of physiology. By practicing yoga, the energy of the human body can be increased.   Chakras (Chakras) dominate the vital coreContinue Reading

Menstrual maintenance prescription for regulating menstruation and nourishing blood Angelica is a gynecological holy medicine, both blood and blood. It is a necessary medicine for TCM gynecological conditioning! Jujube is used to nourish qi and blood, and it is also commonly used in gynecological medicine! Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, and amenorrheaContinue Reading

Is it really happy to be chased by a woman? When making a wish in the new year, many girls say “find a good man” and “marry a gentleman.” Correct”. It’s true that there are not many good men, so you should take your shot early. Nowadays, women are becomingContinue Reading

Ordinary people do extraordinary things This unforgettable scene is still echoing in my mind, that is, in a symposium for parents of autistic patients, a mother was red-eyed and asked me how to make Xinger’s father join the education togetherIn the ranks of Xing’er, I couldn’t think of any answerContinue Reading

Children cry easily, clever ways to cope Young parents must have encountered such a situation: your beloved baby doesn’t know why it cries and doesn’t work.   Usually if your baby is crying and making noises, it may be because he or she is hungry, tired, too cold, too hot, orContinue Reading