Shuijingfang (600779): The performance exceeds expectations and the advantage is still prominent This report reads: The third-quarter performance exceeded expectations, and the Shuijingfang series maintained rapid and stable growth. The overall performance of the second high-end is differentiated, but the company maintains stable and rapid growth. Management, brand, and channelContinue Reading

Aerobic training can boost male libido Strength training can stimulate male hormone secretion; aerobic training can also effectively increase the declining sexual desire of middle-aged men in a short period of time. At the same time, since male erectile dysfunction is related to blood circulation, improving cardiopulmonary function through exerciseContinue Reading

Teach you how to avoid evil dreams If you suffer from nightmares and suffer from insomnia, appropriate changes in daily habits can reduce the occurrence of nightmares. The book “Improving Your Dreams” lists several ways to teach you how to avoid nightmares.   1. Don’t fall asleep with anger or nervousness.Continue Reading

Reasons why newborn babies cannot cut their eyelashes Some parents have long, dense eyelashes for their children. They cut off their eyelashes shortly after birth, hoping that the eyelashes will grow thicker and longer. In fact, the length, thickness, and beauty of eyelashes are mainly related to genetic factors andContinue Reading

Pay attention when talking to the elderly My elders and old people, young and young. Respecting the elderly and loving the young are the traditional virtues of our Chinese nation for thousands of years. When talking with the elderly, pay attention to the following points, which can make it easierContinue Reading