The solution to the secrets of men, women and children Constipation is going to see a doctor. “I drink a large glass of water every morning on an empty stomach, drink honey water or add pollen, eat black sesame seeds, bananas.” Miss Li, who has constipation for three months, triesContinue Reading

I think the heart health 3 method is absolutely effective Introduction: Everyone wants to have a healthy heart. What good way to have a healthy heart? Chinese medicine reveals that the method of thinking about heart health is absolutely effective!   1, the person who can not eat enough to enterContinue Reading

How to raise “sex” in autumn health? “Ask? In the Four Seasons, I pointed out that the essentials of autumn are: “Make the peace and tranquility, to slow down the autumn punishment; converge the spirit, make the autumn calm; no exceptions, so that the lungs are clear. This autumn shouldContinue Reading

Why do women love to lie Women don’t need a reason to lie, they want to spread, they spread; as long as they want, they spread. They are intoxicated in lying and feel more at ease. They don’t find it strange because this is one of the ways they live.Continue Reading

揉 摩 摩 can strengthen the body It is easy to wipe the face and ear, which is especially suitable for teachers’ health care. If you persist for a long time, you can keep your ears bright and clear, and you can strengthen your body and prolong your life.   IContinue Reading

There is a way to prevent bacterial vaginosis Bacterial vaginitis can affect conception, easily cause infertility, and it can easily affect embryonic development even if pregnant. Moreover, during the antibacterial bacterial vaginitis, it is not good to carry out pregnancy, so what are the methods to prevent bacterial vaginitis? TheContinue Reading

Eight health methods for the Ching Ming Festival How to keep healthy during the Ching Ming Festival? The Ching Ming Festival is a traditional festival in China. The Ching Ming Festival is coming, sweeping the graves and stalking the mountains. After busy work, everyone hopes to relax and have fun.Continue Reading