China-Saudi Arabia Joint Archaeological Team Launches Second Archaeological Excavation of Saudi Salin Port 新华社利雅得12月29日电 由中国国家文物局水下文化遗产保护中心和沙特国家考古中心组织的中沙联合考古队29日开始对红海之滨港口遗址——沙特塞林港遗址进行第二Archeological excavations.   The archeological excavation will consist of 6 people from China and Saudi Arabia to form a joint archaeological team, which will last for one month.   It is reported that the Chinese archeological team arrivedContinue Reading

Daye Special Steel (000708) Semi-annual Report of 2019 Comment: Net Profit attributable to Mothers Hits a New High in the Second Quarter The highest net profit attributable to mothers in a single quarter since the listing was different from the trend of the ordinary carbon steel industry. Under the backgroundContinue Reading

Onions are known as natural fungicides Moisture increased before and after Qingming, and various bacteria and viruses became more active. This vegetable-onion introduced today is known as a “natural fungicide”. Although it is common throughout the year, it has the special effect of bacteriostatic, antiseptic and cold treatment.   Efficacy: ProfessorContinue Reading

Decompression mentality determines fate Once upon a time, a painter wanted to draw a painting that everyone liked when they saw it. After painting, he put it on the market and placed a pen next to it, and attached a note: Every viewer is askedPoor pens are marked.   At night,Continue Reading

Who is best to be your friend Four people know you at the same time, and each of them chats with you in different attitudes. Who will you be friends with?   1. Man looking straight at you, head up 2. Hold one hand across your chest and touch your noseContinue Reading

Misuse of breast pump can cause milk accumulation Some new mothers have enough milk, but after breastfeeding for half a month, their breasts are a little bit sore and unbearable. After using a breast pump, it hurts even more. Redness and swelling appear on the nipples, causing the baby toContinue Reading