[Fuling and Barley Rice]_ Coix Seeds_Efficacy Poria and indica rice have a good body conditioning effect. We know that Poria and indica rice are relatively common ingredients, and they are also Chinese herbal medicines. They can play a good role in dehumidification and swelling, especially for edema-type bodies.Can play aContinue Reading

[Early Tofu Practice Guide]_How to do_How to do Early tofu is a kind of food that people love in daily life. It is even delicious and has high nutritional value. There are many ways to do this, but they are different from place to place, but they are the same.Continue Reading

Cheap and Effective Actress Private DIY Mask [Introduction]In order to maintain a youthful and beautiful face, daily skin care and care need not be said. Females will try a variety of high-tech beauty in the future. Today, what we want to ask female celebrities is homemade private masks!   Fan Bingbing:Continue Reading

Wake up in the morning, don’t make four big taboos One should not sleep late. Sleeping late cerebral cortex inhibition time is too long, long-term, can cause a certain degree of brain dysfunction, leading to understanding and memory loss, which in turn reduces immune function, disturbs the body’s biological rhythm,Continue Reading

Magical tight-fitting exercise One-foot “Scythe” vertical exercise: exercise the tibia of the single leg of the shoulder and left leg of the abdomen, shorten and relax, and shift the right leg slightly backward, so that the weight is placed on the body part, and the fist heart is inward. RaiseContinue Reading

_1 What to watch: Simple upstart salt beauty Sometimes beauty can be an inexpensive thing, and its cost may be minimized, just like the ordinary fine salt we usually eat. It is a popular beauty recipe. I recommend several methods of salt beauty:   First, after washing your face with salt,Continue Reading

Want to do sportsman’s fitness While the lady is pursuing skinny beauty, middle-aged men have also started to have headaches. How do you exercise in order to become a handsome man?   Before the age of forty, the men’s body shape has changed a little. They are blessed, the outer sebumContinue Reading