It is healthy to eat coarse grains. In modern cities, the number of people suffering from high blood pressure, high blood fat and other “rich diseases” continues to rise, abnormalities in blood sugar, blood lipids and other metabolic diseases, making eating coarse grains become a fashion on the table atContinue Reading

Exercise makes you happier in sex life Exercise can not only make people’s body shape, but also enhance people’s interest in sex life. Sexologists have found that 83% of women in military aerobics have sex at least three times a week.   Exercise can not only make people’s body shape, butContinue Reading

Hot compress, can treat presbyopia! For the “presbyopia”, when you wash your face every morning, immerse the towel in hot water and do not overdo it. Immediately fold it up and cover it with your forehead and eyes. At this time, the head is slightly up, and the eyes areContinue Reading