Study finds psychological stress accelerates aging Core tip: We all think that stress will make people get older, but this “old” often refers to “looking less spiritual and lively than before”, only staying on the length of the appearance. But recently, the world’s major media have reported a recent studyContinue Reading

Therapeutic formula for measles Measles is an acute respiratory infection caused by measles virus. Measles virus belongs to the myxovirus group and has only one serotype. May have lifetime immunity after infection.   Typical clinical manifestations of the disease include fever, cough, runny nose, conjunctival congestion, measles plaques (also known asContinue Reading

Tips on parental care for children with a cold Trick 1: Find out why. At the same time, be sure to check for trace elements zinc and iron. Adding zinc and iron will cause repeated infections.   Trick two: Properly exercise your baby’s disease resistance. Many moms have childcare misunderstandings, thinkingContinue Reading

Children cry easily, clever ways to cope Young parents must have encountered such a situation: your beloved baby doesn’t know why it cries and doesn’t work.   Usually if your baby is crying and making noises, it may be because he or she is hungry, tired, too cold, too hot, orContinue Reading

Want to do sportsman’s fitness While the lady is pursuing skinny beauty, middle-aged men have also started to have headaches. How do you exercise in order to become a handsome man?   Before the age of forty, the men’s body shape has changed a little. They are blessed, the outer sebumContinue Reading

I think the heart health 3 method is absolutely effective Introduction: Everyone wants to have a healthy heart. What good way to have a healthy heart? Chinese medicine reveals that the method of thinking about heart health is absolutely effective!   1, the person who can not eat enough to enterContinue Reading

Misuse of breast pump can cause milk accumulation Some new mothers have enough milk, but after breastfeeding for half a month, their breasts are a little bit sore and unbearable. After using a breast pump, it hurts even more. Redness and swelling appear on the nipples, causing the baby toContinue Reading

How to raise “sex” in autumn health? “Ask? In the Four Seasons, I pointed out that the essentials of autumn are: “Make the peace and tranquility, to slow down the autumn punishment; converge the spirit, make the autumn calm; no exceptions, so that the lungs are clear. This autumn shouldContinue Reading