Teach you how to avoid evil dreams If you suffer from nightmares and suffer from insomnia, appropriate changes in daily habits can reduce the occurrence of nightmares. The book “Improving Your Dreams” lists several ways to teach you how to avoid nightmares.   1. Don’t fall asleep with anger or nervousness.Continue Reading

Decompression mentality determines fate Once upon a time, a painter wanted to draw a painting that everyone liked when they saw it. After painting, he put it on the market and placed a pen next to it, and attached a note: Every viewer is askedPoor pens are marked.   At night,Continue Reading

Taboos of drinking Chinese medicine Traditional Chinese medicine has great curative effects and has multiple functions for healing and healing diseases. Most people like to use traditional Chinese medicine supplements, but do you know the decoction of traditional Chinese medicine? Do you know how to drink Chinese medicine? Do youContinue Reading

Three ways to be a bull in the workplace Run contacts, attend parties, use headhunting, and make good use of these three ways. You can also be a professional cattleman, and you can continue to jump without a resume.   Finding a job and preparing a resume seems to be aContinue Reading

How to eat spicy in the autumn is not popular Nowadays, eating spicy seems to be a fashion, especially in the autumn, the temperature is obviously cool everywhere, and the feeling of eating spicy is back. But the peppers eat more, and the discomfort such as getting angry, sore throat,Continue Reading

Menstrual maintenance prescription for regulating menstruation and nourishing blood Angelica is a gynecological holy medicine, both blood and blood. It is a necessary medicine for TCM gynecological conditioning! Jujube is used to nourish qi and blood, and it is also commonly used in gynecological medicine! Irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, and amenorrheaContinue Reading

_1 Baby dressing in spring After the Spring Festival, the weather is gradually warmer, and many people start to take off their thick winter clothes. However, it is said that the spring is warm and cold, and there are often cold air strikes in a few days. Especially if theContinue Reading

Chinese medicine tells you 16 kinds of terrible diseases What’s wrong with your face? Chinese medicine tells you 16 kinds of terrible diseases Introduction: Many people often have terrible complexions, which is really scary. Be careful, this is likely to be a manifestation of the disease. What’s wrong with yourContinue Reading