Zheng Shaoqiu is not an old secret!

Self-exposure to health, never drank ice water for decades

Zheng Shaoqiu is not an old secret!
Self-exposure to health, never drank ice water for decades

Although Hong Kong stars are generally very old-fashioned, if you talk about the real old man, Zheng Shaoqiu is definitely the well-deserved boss.

Zheng Shaoqiu, 71, has recently brushed frequently.

There is only one reason for the screen: this state is too young!

Is he really 71 years old?

It’s just a handsome uncle who is about 40 years old!

Reporter, passer-by, Zheng Shaoqiu in the fan’s lens, handsome and handsome, walking and windy, there is no trace of a millimolar state, it is only the freezing age, it is simply eating preservatives, and it is still a large dose.

In fact, there is nothing that is not old-fashioned, Zheng Shaoqiu’s reason for staying in the sky is the result of super-strong perseverance and care.

In Hong Kong’s entertainment industry, everyone knows that Zheng Shaoqiu is a veritable health leader.

Today, Fan Fan will come to summarize the secrets of Zheng Shaoqiu’s frozen age: 1. Rejecting bad hobbies means that the performing arts industry is a big dyeing tank, but what color it will really be dyed, in the final analysis, it is up to you.

Zheng Shaoqiu debuted for 50 years, fame and fortune, and the temptation to face is naturally quite a lot.

But he always insists on his own health creed and refuses to smoke and drink alcohol and other bad hobbies.

In addition, he also pays great attention to his work schedule, get up on time and rest on time.

He once said: “With me, there is no fun in life, because I don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t line up to live, eat dinner at home without working, knowing anything that is good for the body will try.

“Oh, it can be seen that people can never be seen. Who can think of the seemingly unrestrained autumn official, turned out to be a boring otaku?”

2, 枸杞 soaking water is right, Zheng Shaoqiu is the legendary hand holding a thermos cup, 枸杞 枸杞 does not leave the depth of health enthusiasts.

According to his personal agent, Zheng Shaoqiu insisted on maintaining health for a long time. Every time he eats it, he will put 2 pieces of Longlongzhi and drink together.

Everyone is familiar with it, and is it a scorpion artifact?

Fan Fan specializes in doing his homework, and now I will give you a popular science: Fighting Longzhi is a natural nourishing Chinese herbal medicine produced in high altitude areas of Tibet and belongs to a kind of Ganoderma lucidum.

Because it is rich in vitamins, minerals and rare ingredients such as Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides, Doulongzhi is also known as the “king of nourishing” by Chinese medicine.

Its main function is to nourish the liver and kidney, enhance physical fitness, improve immunity, and drink with sputum can also improve hematopoietic function and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Of course, it is not necessarily suitable for everyone, and it is not necessarily suitable for everyone. Before you use it, you still need a professional doctor.

3, only drink warm water, regardless of spring, autumn, winter and summer, only drink warm water, it is simple to say, but can you really do it?

It is this little thing, Zheng Shaoqiu has been insisting for more than 20 years.

He himself revealed: “I have never had ice water for 20 years, and I don’t drink too hot water. I only drink warm water.

He will drink two or three cups of warm water on an empty stomach.

For the common sense of drinking more water every day, Zheng Shaoqiu also declared his experience. “But if you don’t really sweat much, or if you don’t go to the bathroom, don’t drink so much, the kidney will have a burden.”

“How to drink water is the simplest way to maintain health. I hope everyone can develop a good habit of drinking moderate water.

4, exercise, fitness and exercise is really one of the invariant laws to delay aging.

Almost all people who look far smaller than the actual age have the habit of insisting on exercise and fitness all the year round.

Look at Zheng Shaoqiu’s figure, posture, pace, you will know that he must be a fitness expert.

In daily life, Zheng Shaoqiu goes to the gym once or twice a week, and usually does some sports such as running and swimming.

In this case, in order to practice temperament, Zheng Shaoqiu also insisted on walking hips for a long time.

The effect everyone has seen now, a 71-year-old person, and a young guy posing, body, temperament also did not lose.

5, red wine before going to bed Many people know that drinking a small glass of red wine before going to bed is good for health, which is a habit that Zheng Shaoqiu insisted for many years.

However, he is drinking boiled red wine!He said: “Drink red wine before going to bed, just a spoonful, but to cook, remove the alcohol, so long-term drinking is not a burden on my heart and stomach.

The most important thing is that the cheeks are tender and tender in the morning, the skin is watery, and the makeup effect is particularly good. I heard that it can prolong life.


Isn’t drinking red wine only good for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases?

Can you still be beautiful?

Zheng Shaoqiu is really a handsome guy who has been handsome for 50 years.

6, keep the mood comfortable Everyone knows that the mood is good, the body is good, this principle can face work, family, parents, children and other annoying things, every day silly music really can’t do it.

But the world of health is so cruel, either laughing or worrying, or crying into the ward.

Many people think that stars are so rich, what troubles?

In fact, everyone has their own troubles. Although Zheng Shaoqiu has earned a lot of money for 50 years, he has to face the grievances of his ex-wife, Shen Dianxia, and the daughters, to face the external evaluation and responsibility.

So many stars have depression or even suicide, it is really not their work, or they have to bear too much.

Zheng Shaoqiu said that we should try our best to keep our mood comfortable and relieve unhappiness as soon as possible.

How to relieve the mood is really a learning experience.

Have you seen Zheng Shaoqiu’s health secrets, do you think he seems to have fallen to the altar?

The senior guy is actually a grandfather?

Yes, no one can seal the gods in front of the years.

What ordinary people can do is to treat themselves as much as possible and let the traces of the years grow slower on themselves.

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