Most of these bad habits after a meal

Most of these bad habits after a meal

From the perspective of health care, after meals is a good time for health.

After meals, you need to pay attention to the methods and methods. If your habits are not good after meals, your health cannot be guaranteed.

What bad habits after a meal are bad?

Next, I will tell you some of the most bad bad habits after meals, so check it out quickly.

  There are some bad habits after a meal. Some people eat too much fruit after a meal. People like to eat some fruit after a meal.

In fact, this is a wrong lifestyle. Eating fruits immediately after a meal can affect digestive function.

Because when food enters the stomach, it needs to be digested?
It takes 2 hours to alleviate and alleviate. Eat fruit immediately after a meal. The fruit will be blocked by the food you eat before and cannot be digested normally.

  Driving after meals Due to digestive needs, blood is usually concentrated in the stomach and the brain is temporarily in a temporary state. At this time, driving can easily lead to operational errors and accidents.

Therefore, it is safer to drive an hour after a meal.

  Drinking water after meals Drinking water immediately after meals will replace the gastric juice, so that the food in the stomach enters the small intestine before it has time to digest, eliminating the digestive capacity of gastric juice and easily causing gastrointestinal diseases.

If you drink soda after a meal, it is not suitable for your body. The carbon dioxide produced by soda easily increases the internal pressure of the stomach, leading to acute gastric distension.

  Smoking after meals Some people think, “A cigarette after meals, past the living gods.

“In fact, this approach is extremely harmful to the human body.

Because the human body ‘s gastrointestinal motility is completely reversed after meals, blood circulation is also accelerated, and the digestive system begins to move comprehensively.

If you smoke at this time, the lungs and whole body tissues absorb the smoke greatly, causing a large amount of harmful components in the smoke to be absorbed, which has a strong stimulating effect on breathing and the digestive tract, which can bring more body functions and tissues than usual.Significant harm from smoking.

  Singing karaoke after meals. After eating, the stomach capacity increases and blood flow increases. At this time, singing accompanied by downward movement, increased abdominal pressure, mild indigestion, and severe gastrointestinal disorders.

Therefore, it is best to sing karaoke after the food is digested normally about 1 hour, or just sing and then eat.

  Drinking strong tea after meals Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid. After drinking strong tea after meals, the slightly freshly eaten undigested protein combines with tannic acid to form a precipitate that affects protein absorption; the substances in tea are about toAfter being absorbed by iron, the bad habit of drinking strong tea after meals for a long time will easily cause iron deficiency anemia; gradually, drink tea immediately after meals, a lot of water will enter the stomach, which will dilute the digestive juice secreted by the stomach, Which affects the digestion of food by the stomach.

  Many people will have these bad habits after a meal.

After today’s introduction, you will know that these bad habits after meals will damage your health and cause disease.

Therefore, if you have these bad habits after meals, you should still correct them in time.

After meals, you can pay attention to your health. You can learn more about your health after meals according to your needs.