[Can babies eat cantaloupe]_Children_Can they eat

[Can babies eat cantaloupe]_Children_Can they eat

In fact, there is no contraindication when eating cantaloupe, but for babies, it should be understood that children should not eat cantaloupe within 18 months, mainly because there is too much sugar in the cantaloupe and the child isThe development of the spleen and stomach was not perfect before 18 months. If you eat melon at this time, it will easily lead to gastrointestinal indigestion, so parents should pay attention to this.

Can babies eat cantaloupe? Generally, babies cannot eat cantaloupe within 18 months, because cantaloupe is relatively sweet, and the baby’s growth and development are not sound. Eating sweet foods can easily cause the baby’s physical burden.Long-term suffering can lead to malnutrition and even anorexia, which can potentially affect the child’s physical development.

The benefits of eating melon1 for babies1 are conducive to the growth of melon. The melon has too much water and is rich in vitamin C, which can provide children with the nutrients they need for physical growth.

In addition, children’s metabolism is fast, and the nutrients they need every day are many, so they can eat muskmelon with other foods, which is conducive to the growth of children and also ensures nutritional balance.

2. The intestinal laxative cantaloupe contains dietary fiber. After eating, the child can stimulate the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, intestinal laxative, and accelerate the elimination of toxins in the body.

At the same time, supplementary fiber can absorb water that is several times heavier than itself in the dialysis tract, and forms a gel-like substance in the rehabilitation tract, thereby making people feel full, which is beneficial to children’s weight control.

3. Cleansing the internal environment Like other fruits and vegetables, melon contains a lot of supplementary fibers. These plant fibers have important physiological functions such as balance, improving digestion, absorption, and excretion, and play a special role as “body cleaners”.

Precautions for babies to eat cantaloupe 1, the time to eat cantaloupe is also particular about it.

It should be eaten before and after meals, but not before bedtime, because cold fruits can affect digestive function and normal sleep.

2. Provide fresh melons for your baby to chew on their own.

Fruit juice only contains soluble and soluble dietary fiber, and a large amount of insoluble fiber still remains in the pomace. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink fruit juice often, and it is not recommended to use a grinder to crush the fruit often.

3, the baby must gargle after eating melon, because the sugar in the melon and fermented sugars have a corrosive effect on the teeth. If you do not rinse your mouth after eating, it will easily cause dental caries.

4. Don’t eat more.

Although cantaloupe is good, it should be given to the baby in moderation. Because it is sweet and has a high sugar content, too much sugar will put a burden on the baby’s body.

5, children can not eat cantaloupe from the refrigerator, cold food is easy to stimulate and cause diarrhea, serious will lead to inflammation, avoid to avoid.