[Eating Cherry and Pulling Black Poop]_ Eat Cherries _ Cause

[Eating Cherry and Pulling Black Poop]_ Eat Cherries _ Cause

Cherries have the function of replenishing blood, suitable for all ages, and many children also particularly like to eat cherries, but some people say that what is the reason for eating cherry to pull black stools?

In fact, this is also a normal situation. Maybe it ‘s because you eat too many cherries, and if you do n’t digest well, you may have black stools. You can stop eating cherries at this time.

Colored foods such as cherries and animal blood products can cause stool color changes after eating.

Besides, it contains vitamins and more minerals.

However, due to the warm nature, it is not suitable to eat more, nor does it rule out changes in stool color caused by other factors. You can stop using cherries. If there is no black stool, it may be caused by edible cherry. If this situation continues,Can check fecal occult blood to exclude the possibility of gastrointestinal bleeding.

Dark stools are closely related to diseases, diet, etc. If the color of normal stools is normal and the stool becomes dark after eating cherry, then this may indicate that it is caused by cherryof.

The natural pigments and iron elements in cherry seeds are not completely digested and absorbed in the body, partly decomposed into food residues, and excreted with feces, which will naturally make the stool black, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.

What to do when eating cherry cherries is black 1. Stop eating. After eating cherry cherries, when the stool becomes black, you should stop eating it, eliminate the source, and let the stool return to normal color.

2. Drink plenty of warm water. Drink plenty of warm water to supplement the body’s moisture, but also replace the pigment in the cherry, reducing the degree of stool blackening.

It is normal for stools to eat cherry blossoms to be black. Pay attention to the treatment method for stools that eat cherry blossoms.