Emptiness is the demon in your heart

Emptiness is the demon in your heart

A young clerk and I followed it like this: “Every day, I work and live as usual, but I always feel that something is wrong in my heart. It seems that I don’t know why I work and why I live.

He wasn’t doubtful: “Looking at other colleagues, work is always full of enthusiasm; playing is also fun.

And I feel bored and boring.

This mood makes me bored all day long, lazy at heart, but I do not know how to release my lonely tent.

How can others live so full and I am so empty?

The question raised by this staff member seems to be a cloud covering some young people. This is what we usually call “emptiness.”

In the impression of many young people, it is often used in common with the words “loneliness” and “loneliness”, but in fact they are different.

One of the most important is “loneliness”. “Loneliness” is not always negative for people, and sometimes even marks a person’s unique personality.

However, “emptiness” can only kill human morale, erode human soul, and make human life worthless.

  Emptiness is an inner experience.

In this way, when we heard some people say something like “Hey, I’m really boring”, “Hey, I can see through this world,” mantras, we say that he is an empty soul.

However, in fact, the feeling of real emptiness can only be understood and cannot be uttered. Only the emptiness can truly experience it, and it is difficult for others to deeply experience it.

Therefore, this makes it difficult for people who feel empty to communicate and communicate with others. If they do not work hard, they will only be surrounded by emptyness more and more tightly.

  Emptiness can arise at any time.

Pay attention to the surroundings. Some middle school students have just entered a new class, and because they are not accepted in time, they will feel ununderstandable and unreliable. Some middle school students will not be trusted due to poor learning,Not respected; some middle school students are bound by the heavy learning burden, and they will feel that middle school life is not as poetic and artistic as they think . At these times, emptiness may come in.

If you happen to be a person with a weak mental capacity, you will be more easily conquered by emptiness.

  From a psychological perspective, emptiness is a negative emotion.

This is one of its most important features.

Those who have been attacked by emptiness are, without exception, those who have lost faith in their ideals and prospects, and who do not have a correct understanding of the meaning of life.

They are either negatively disappointed, treating life indifferently, or have no vigor and shake their heads when they encounter people.

For greater emptiness, they may smoke, drink, fight, or wander aimlessly, hang out, and spend time on a certain game, but then they are still at a loss, meaninglessly passing the good time.

Emptiness brings nothing but harm.

  In the face of emptiness, the most important thing is to have ideals.

As the saying goes, “the cure first cures the root cause”.

Because the emergence of emptiness is mainly caused by the loss of ideals, beliefs, and pursuits, establishing a lofty ideal and establishing a clear goal in life have become the most powerful weapon to eliminate emptiness.

Of course, this process does not happen overnight, but when you are firmly committed to your goal in life, emptiness will quietly leave you.

  Facing emptiness, we must also cultivate a passion for life.

We often say that life is beautiful, depending on how you treat it.

The same blue sky and white clouds, the same high mountains and seas, you can actively learn the beauty of nature from it; or you can earnestly learn some skills and help others do good deeds, and you can also feel proud of your success,Thanks for the joy.

When you use your own things to cultivate your passion for life and to set the blanks in your life, how can you still have the mood and leisure to be empty?

  Facing emptiness, we must also actively improve our psychological quality.

Sometimes people live in the same environment, but because of different psychological qualities, some people will be replaced by emptiness when they encounter a little setback, while others can always face the difficulties without fear and always be happy and fulfilling.

Therefore, consciously strengthening the training of self-psychological quality can eliminate the emptiness in the bud in a timely manner without giving it the opportunity to further invade.

  When you fight stubbornness and emptiness, remember this poem by Pushkin: “Life will not tire me.