Physical Yoga, let you feel the beauty of classical yoga


Physical Yoga, let you feel the beauty of classical yoga

With the progress of society and the improvement of the quality of life, more and more people have changed their focus and perspective.

Physical yoga is catering to people’s needs, so what is physical yoga?

What are the benefits of physical yoga?

Let me introduce it to you.

  Body Yoga, a yoga class designed specifically for body exercises.

Physical yoga adheres to the principles of classical yoga practice, pioneeringly integrates the psychological needs of modern women in pursuit of fashion beauty, integrates into the artistic form of modern physical sculpture, and diversifies the form of physical yoga practice.

  Introduction to Shape Yoga Shape Yoga, a modern and fashionable yoga practice, has become a fashion, especially many female friends who insist on practicing yoga regularly to get a good shape.

  Yoga postures improve the overall beauty of your body. Whether your appearance is beautiful and beautiful will determine whether your body posture is correct.

The feminine Kundalini yoga body beauty exercise series has a total of 5 units to help women improve their physical beauty.

So, start with Unit 1-Yoga, Strengthen Your Back End!

Here are a few ways: Warm Back-The Basic Asana for Women’s Yoga: “Warm Back” Exercises-A Magic Recipe for Strengthening Chest Strength.

  Source of youth and vitality: “Warm Back” exercises can improve body posture, maintain spinal elasticity, make the body more flexible, and become more agile.

  Cat bow back: the nemesis of poor posture.

  The role of physical yoga improves body posture; stays young; prevents intervertebral disc disease and osteoporosis; promotes physical flexibility and quick thinking; coordinates the nervous system; promotes sharp thinking and calm the mind.

  The essentials of the action are to adopt an upright kneeling position, with both knees close together, with both hands resting on the ground in front of both knees.

Democracy straightens up.

Closing your eyes will cause you to focus on the point between your eyebrows.

Straighten the skull and vertebrae forward as you inhale, and round the back as you exhale.

Note: “Warm back” is one of Kriya’s body beauty unit exercises.

It is part of an Asana 5 unit series of exercises that are flexible to promote blood flow and tight skin.

Practice unit 1?
5, the focus is different, the role is also different, you can practice alone.

But if you can complete the 5 unit exercises of Kalia’s body beauty one by one, the effect will be better.

Practice unit 2?
5 resume serialization from the next issue.

  Do the beginning of Asana and the ending of Mantra Singing Yoga chants before and after each practice.

Or take a cross-legged sitting position for 1 minute before and after the exercise, take a deep breath, and then rest.

  Special tips for beginners: chin is in place when inhaling, and chin towards chest when exhaling.

  Putting a pillow under your feet will help protect your back.

  The practitioner of the previous problem can place a pillow between the heel and the front.

  The breathing rhythm should be kept even and uniform during practice.

  If you are proficient in this exercise, you can continue to increase the speed and make the back feel very warm.