Study finds: choosing car color will reveal personality

Study finds: choosing car color will reveal personality

Everyone has the hope of showing their own self, and the colors of cars entering millions of households can reflect the personality of the owners to a certain extent.


The person driving the white car wants to show a young, modern, energetic self.

Sally Augustin, PhD in psychology and environmental psychologist at the University of Clermont, pointed out that Apple chose white as the main color for this reason.

Kuberman, a professor of color theory at Parsons School of Design in New York, USA, believes that white also reflects good taste and elegant temperament, and is associated with honesty, purity and other qualities.


Augustine believes that black is a sophisticated color, and those who choose a black car are mostly successful.

Kuberman added that black also highlights the classic, existing and proportionate sense.


Kuberman said that silver is a color that symbolizes security and new fashion, and its metallic luster means innovation.

The person who chooses a silver car may be a high-end consumer who focuses on high society.

Silver is a moderate color, neither dirty as white nor heat absorbing like black.


Kuberman said that gray contains majesty, tradition, and maturity.

Owners of gray cars are generally low-key and do not want to be highlighted in the crowd.

Few of them pay attention and focus more on maintaining the status quo.


Augustine believes that active people are more likely to choose red cars because red shows mobility, energy and masculinity.

Especially for men, the relatively red car declares his highest level in his own world.

But for women, red just means confidence and fun.


Blue is an exciting color, and blue cars are like blue skies flashing on gray roads.

Augustine said that blue represents stability, credibility and sincerity, creating a good and stable family structure, so people at home will choose blue.


Golden yellow releases joy and positive emotions.

Kuberman said young people are more attracted to the yellow, and they are more willing to embrace the trend.


Calm brown means comfort and savings.

People who drive brown cars often save money, and they don’t enjoy themselves too much.

Even the brown luxury cars that were driven were mostly carefully planned.

  If you want to see through people ‘s psychology, you can calculate by the color of his car!