Ordinary people do extraordinary things

Ordinary people do extraordinary things

This unforgettable scene is still echoing in my mind, that is, in a symposium for parents of autistic patients, a mother was red-eyed and asked me how to make Xinger’s father join the education togetherIn the ranks of Xing’er, I couldn’t think of any answer at the time, and only answered lightly: “I think it’s very happy to grow up with Xing’er, so I just worked hard to participate.

“I have been trying to find and think about this answer afterwards. If you ask me now, did you find the answer?

I would shake my head and say, “I haven’t found the answer yet”, but I had some thoughts in my thoughts and memories, and revealed it on the eve of Father’s Day to share it with the world ‘s star dad.

  It would be most appropriate to say that I am an ordinary person.

Growing up in an ordinary home from a young age, in order to pursue the so-called ordinary in the school, he will deliberately make mistakes in the transcription during the exam, so as not to be too aggressive.

After graduating, he originally entered the service of a well-known enterprise that everyone admired. In order to live a normal life, he was transferred to a public agency with half the original salary.

I have no ambitions in my life, but I, who have lived an ordinary life, did not know that Xinger from my family was identified as “autism” at the age of three and a half because he had no language.
What I mean by “unusual” is that ordinary families will not face it. Only such a small number of families have encountered this, so they are called “unusual”.

  At the time, I was panicked and helpless, thinking in my heart “how to face the long years in the future.”

Worried that insomnia even caused dizziness, but there was no special illness after hospital examination.

Fortunately, a friend introduced me to the Psychiatric Clinic of Cathay Hospital. The doctor told me about my family and told me, “You have these diseases because you treat the children in your family as your property. If you useThink about it from another angle. The children in your family are only entrusted by God to raise you. Then your mood will change.

“After experiencing a change in mood and medical treatment, I gradually stepped out of the vortex of anxiety and insomnia, and taught them with Xingma attentively.

  In order to take care of three meals, I must maintain the work from nine to five. Xingma takes her child to the Children’s Mental Health Center of National Taiwan University Hospital for correction by a therapist. Every day Xingma will bring back some homework and ask us to patiently guide XingAfter practicing it over and over again, after a long period of time, a few imitated words came out of Xing’er’s mouth. I was overjoyed and even more excited than winning the lottery.

At that time, Xinger’s favorite nursery rhyme video was “Mr. Wang Lao has a piece of land.” He watched it over and over again, but he only said “one by one one by one” in his mouth.

Impatient, I immediately went to the electronics store and ordered a Yangchun-type phono player. I wish he could learn to sing a complete song through the microphone.

“But I was disappointed.

The therapist tells us to play with them often, even have them (so that they can see your mouth shape) over and over, teach them to lecture day after day.

He also told us that it is better to teach in accordance with actual things. In order to make him pronounce the word “flower”, I often buy a bunch of flowers at home and insert it at home., Pointing at a flower and saying “flowers” to him. In the beginning, he didn’t seem to respond to the words. He gradually read the word “flowers” with me, and even occasionally he pointed out the flowers and said “flowers.””At this moment we rewarded him with his favorite” enhancement “.

On holidays, I took his hand out of the outdoor, saw the motorcycle parked downstairs, pointed at it, and quietly told him “motorcycle”, not long before walking, and pointing at anotherMotorcycle, quietly told him “motorcycle”, the situation is as before, he still seems unresponsive, but soon he can also pronounce the word “motorcycle”.

This is the hard process of teaching Xinger to learn language.

Seeing that they can now communicate with us in words, and then thinking back to the scene at that time, my heart clearly told me, “I have done this extraordinary thing right.”

  In the process of teaching them, I also often take the time to participate in the interviews between Xingma and the therapist. From the therapist’s mouth, I know that the number of male autism has increased, so that female autism has six times, and they have imitated andThe ability to learn. In order for them to imitate the correct objects, the father’s participation in teaching is urgently needed, as little as the teaching of life self-care (such as men’s toilets in public places), and many relevant common sense should be taught in the future adolescence., Star Dad is an indispensable role.

Because of this, I know I can’t flinch, and even I should bravely face this “unusual” thing.

  The growth of Xing’er, there is still a long and arduous journey to go in the future. We living in the present can only do our best to teach them so that they can progress day by day. In the future, we can live independently and independently.Hope.

Maybe you will ask me, as Star Dad, how do we teach them, I think in a harmonious atmosphere at home, let them learn in happiness; as for the learning project, I don’t think that we should know too much about academic and cognitive learningIt is necessary to start from the aspect of living and improve their ability to communicate with others. This is the responsibility of being able to participate in our lifetime. In the future, it depends on their own fortune.

We can only confess to God: “I have done my best to do what is” unusual “in my life.