Pay attention when talking to the elderly

Pay attention when talking to the elderly

My elders and old people, young and young.

Respecting the elderly and loving the young are the traditional virtues of our Chinese nation for thousands of years. When talking with the elderly, pay attention to the following points, which can make it easier for us to approach the inner world of the elderly.

  The traces of decades are deeply imprinted in the hearts of the elderly. The suffering and joy of the past, immersing them in distant memories, is an important spiritual pillar that supports their lives.

But most of the people and things in front of them can not remember much.

So how do we approach the heart of the elderly?

  1. Patience: Old people are generally embarrassed. A little things can be said for a long time. You should not show any impatience, but listen patiently to the elderly.

  2. Attentive communication: Your eyes should be staring at the other person’s eyes. Don’t let your eyes move, let the old man feel that you don’t care about him, and you can talk with each other by touching the other person’s hand.

  3. Attitude: Be amiable, approachable, and often have a smile on the bladder, so that the elderly can realize your intimacy.

  4. Position: Don’t let the old man look up or talk to you from a long distance, then the old man will feel that you are high above you and difficult to get close to. You should bend down and talk to the old man at a close distance. The old man will feel equal to you and you will realize that he is.

  5, understand the situation: To understand the temperament and preferences of the elderly, you can inquire in advance or further gradually understand in future contact.

  6, topic selection: to choose topics that the elderly love, such as hometown, loved ones, youth affairs, television programs, etc., to avoid mentioning topics that the elderly do not like, you can also talk about yourself first, so that the elderly trust you before you startOther topics.

  7. Resilience: In the event of unsatisfactory talks or changes in the mood of the elderly, try not to persuade them, first pat each other’s hand or shoulder for comfort, stabilize the mood, and then open the topic as soon as possible.

  8. Sincere appreciation: Everyone desires to be affirmed, and the old people like children to praise and praise, so if you praise him sincerely and generously, he will be happy, and the unique atmosphere will be much more active.

  9, language: speak relatively slowly, with a moderate intonation, and some elderly people who have hearing (weak hearing) must speak louder, but also look at the other person’s expressions and reactions to determine the other person’s needs.