Reasons why newborn babies cannot cut their eyelashes

Reasons why newborn babies cannot cut their eyelashes

Some parents have long, dense eyelashes for their children. They cut off their eyelashes shortly after birth, hoping that the eyelashes will grow thicker and longer.

In fact, the length, thickness, and beauty of eyelashes are mainly related to genetic factors and nutritional status. The method of cutting eyelashes has no effect.

  Eyelashes are a protective barrier for the eyes: Human eyelashes are not born for beauty, and have their special effects.

The upper and lower eyelashes form a thousand protective barriers in front of the eyes, preventing the effects of blocking dust and excessive light, which is of great significance to the protection of the eyes.

After artificially cutting off the eyelashes, the eyes temporarily lose this natural protective effect before the new eyelashes grow, and they are vulnerable to injury.

In the weather of dust and sand stress, people have to narrow their eyes, once the eyelashes play a role in blocking the dust and sand, people can see everything clearly.

People without eyelashes can only close their eyes at this time, so as not to be blinded by the sand, but they cannot see things.

  Cutting eyelashes can cause pain to children: Cutting eyelashes can cause pain to children: After cutting eyelashes, new, thick, short, and hard eyelashes that have just grown will easily irritate the eyeballs, conjunctiva and cornea, and they will produce light, tears,Eyelid bleeding and other abnormal symptoms, severe cases will be secondary to eye infections, in the process of eyelash cutting, if the child’s eyelids blink or the head shakes, it may cause traumatic injuries to the child.

  Experts remind that the practice of cutting eyelashes for children not only makes the child suffer, but also risks the child’s eye disease for life. Parents must not use this method to realize their desire for a more beautiful baby.