The solution to the secrets of men, women and children

The solution to the secrets of men, women and children

Constipation is going to see a doctor. “I drink a large glass of water every morning on an empty stomach, drink honey water or add pollen, eat black sesame seeds, bananas.” Miss Li, who has constipation for three months, tries her best but does not work.

  Lu Xiong said that everyone knows that drinking honey is the easiest way to note constipation.

But drinking honey also has to distinguish between cold and heat. In general, honey is cold, and people with stomach cold are not suitable.

  Nowadays, many young people often stay up all night, drink alcohol, eat peppers, and get angry the next day. It’s really “hot under the spicy” and the stool is not good.

In this case of yin deficiency and anger, it is necessary to nourish yin and pass the laxative.

  Lu Xiong reminds that long-term constipation will not be discharged in time due to the harmful substances produced in the body, causing abdominal distension, loss of appetite, bad breath, etc., and dry stools will cause skin cracks in the anal canal, and bacterial infection may occur after the laceration, forming an anus.Split, acne, rectal ulcers, increase the incidence of rectal cancer.

Therefore, the problem of constipation should be seen by doctors, especially those with physical or poor health. They cannot simply expect honey and bananas to solve problems.

  It is common sense to eat cold fruit or not to eat fruit to relieve constipation, but it should be noted that not all fruits have the effect of supplementing constipation, and not all constipation people are convenient to eat more fruits.

Lu Xiong believes that most of the elderly have spleen and kidney yang deficiency. When yang is insufficient, there are fatigue and shortness of breath, hands and feet are not warm, constipation, etc. If you eat more cold and cold fruits, it will worsen the more you eat.

It should be eaten by the pottery artemisia, garlic, dog meat, mutton and other sexual warmth of the yang, which leads to laxative.

  Constipation in the elderly is often referred to as “habitual constipation”. The elderly are prone to constipation, which is basically a decline in bowel function and a decrease in the peristaltic function of the intestine.

For this stubborn constipation, if the patient relies on laxatives and is greedy for “temporarily fast”, the long time will form a vicious circle, resulting in weaker bowel movements and a drier rotation.

  Chinese medicine believes that the lungs and large intestines, there are slow branches, emphysema in the elderly, in the autumn and winter, cold and cold will also appear constipation, called “lung occlusion”, it is like pouring water from the teapot, the kettle should be coveredLike a hole, only the lungs pass, and the stool will pass.

  Some elderly people do not dry their stools, but they can’t pull them out. They are obviously dysfunctional. These patients may have heart failure, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases. They need targeted treatment, such as strong heart and blood pressure, and at the same time, laxative.Achieve better results.

  Excessive exercise can also cause constipation in constipation women, especially after menstruation, there is no stool.

These women have a dull complexion, pale lips, and sometimes headaches, dizziness, loss of appetite, fatigue, etc., showing typical symptoms of blood deficiency.

At this time, you can not use the heat method to laxative, some kind of over-food cold fruit, honey is not suitable, but should nourish the blood and intestines laxative, in the blood medicine should pay attention to the possibility of partial dryness, should add some intestines for compatibility,Such as Cistanche, Ophiopogon japonicus, white peony, rehmannia and so on.

  There are also some white-collar workers who don’t exercise at all. They go to the gym on weekends and get sweaty.

As everyone knows, excessive sweating in winter, it is also easy to hurt Tianjin gas consumption, Chinese medicine believes that “gas with sweat”, “qi and yin two injuries”, it is easy to lead to constipation.

  Lu Xiong, an elderly person who knows the secret recipe, said that the elderly can often eat some walnut porridge, black sesame porridge, pine nuts porridge, etc. These foods are good choices for prevention and adjuvant treatment of constipation.

  Walnut porridge: 30-50 grams of walnut meat, peeled and smashed.

50 grams of the previous rice, add water to cook porridge, porridge cooked, add walnut meat can be eaten.

Take it once in the morning and evening.

Walnut meat is sweet and warm, has a strong waist and kidney, and has a laxative effect.

  Note: Those who are wet or hot, or who have recently seen dampness and heat, or those who have insufficient gastric sag should not take it.

  Woman sweet potato syrup: 500 grams of sweet potato, peeled and cut into small pieces, add some water to cook, until the sweet potato is soft, put sugar, add 2 slices of ginger.

  Note: those who have constipation in autumn and winter should be able to eat cold and cold.

However, those who have stomach problems, see bloating and nausea, sputum and pantothenic acid, thick and greasy tongue coating is not appropriate.

  Wuren porridge: Take 8 grams of peach kernel peeled tip, stir-fry, add sesame kernels, pine nuts, walnuts, sweet almonds, 8 grams each, add 100 grams of continuous rice to cook porridge, add porridge to the appropriate amount of sugar.

This porridge has the effect of laxative, nourishing the stomach and removing phlegm.

Applicable to patients with habitual constipation caused by qi and blood deficiency.

  Note: Those who have stomach problems, see bloating and nausea, sputum and pantothenic acid, thick and greasy tongue coating is not suitable.

  Children’s spinach soup: 150 grams of spinach, sesame oil.

Cook the spinach, season with salt, and mix with sesame oil.

  Note: those with spleen deficiency, seeing spitting milk, and those who are susceptible to cold are not suitable.

  Pregnant women with sesame porridge: Take the right amount of black sesame seeds, wash and dry, dry and stir-fried, stir-fry, take 30 grams each time, and always have 100 grams of porridge.

It is suitable for pregnant women with constipation who are weak, dizzy and tinnitus.

  Baiziren porridge: Wash 30 grams of cypress seeds and smash, add 100 grams of porridge before the rice, when the clothes are mixed with honey.It is suitable for adults with palpitations and insomnia during pregnancy.

  Note: If there is obvious dysfunction (pregnancy reaction), see vomiting, anorexia should not eat sesame porridge, arborvitae porridge.