Who is best to be your friend

Who is best to be your friend

Four people know you at the same time, and each of them chats with you in different attitudes. Who will you be friends with?


Man looking straight at you, head up 2.

Hold one hand across your chest and touch your nose straight with one hand3.

Cross your chest with your hands and your feet standing 4.

With your hands behind your back, your body is facing you A: 1.

Choose “People who look directly at you with their heads up.” If you like to be friends with such people, it implies that you are a person who needs security or does not want to be in the limelight.

Because, the person you replaced, he will look directly at you, show that he cares for you, or he may use his sharp eyes to force you, anyway, he is trying to overwhelm you. Although he is a friend on the surface,Psychologically speaking, he is the one who wants to dominate you.

Therefore, if you like to be friends with him, you can say that you are attracted by his momentum, and this also means that you are a person who has no opinion and likes to bear.


If you choose “cross your chest with one hand and touch your nose with one hand”, you may be relatively short by nature, and you will be friends with other people, even if your friends are thinking of strategies that are not good for you.

The person you choose is basically a very intelligent and thoughtful person.


First, he lay his hands across his chest, implying that he was afraid to meet you frankly.

Second, he keeps touching his nose while chatting with you, which implies that he is either deceiving you or disagreeing with your statement, but he is embarrassed to say it.


Choose “Crossed hands and chest, feet crossed” You are a person who prefers to take care of others, and also belongs to the type who does not have a mind, and likes to be friends with honest and honest people.

Your intuition will tell you who to choose, and you will feel that this person is an honest person who is not good at dealing with strangers.

Because he doubts his chest with both hands, it implies that he is very upset and may not be sociable.

And his feet are also crossed, which also implies that he is very nervous.

From this information, it can be judged that he is a bit slower, but it is a very worthy friend.


Choosing “put your hands behind your back and your body is facing you” means that you really want to have an honest and sincere friend.

Because he will put his hands behind his back, indicating that he does not have any defensive heart for your existence.

This exposure of the fatal part of the chest implies that the other party is sincere and has no hostility.

If you like to associate with this kind of person, it also implies that you are a person who does not have a mind and wants to be honest with friends.