Magical tight-fitting exercise

Magical tight-fitting exercise

One-foot “Scythe” vertical exercise: exercise the tibia of the single leg of the shoulder and left leg of the abdomen, shorten and relax, and shift the right leg slightly backward, so that the weight is placed on the body part, and the fist heart is inward.

Raise it up to shoulder height, then lower it and repeat the movement 5 times.

Change legs and repeat 5 more times.

  ”Cobra” movement exercises: Exercise shoulders, abdomen, legs and buttocks with one foot and tibia, relax knees, hold dumbbells in each hand.

The body’s center of gravity is leaning forward, the back is straight, and it is vertical to the ground, and the fist is facing the body.

Open your arms and raise your left leg.

Hold this position for two seconds, reset your arms and left leg, and repeat 5 times.

Change your right leg and repeat the action 5 times.

  Biceps flexion and extension exercises: exercise the biceps, legs and buttocks are separated from the waist with the same width, both hands are reset to the body part, the fist heart is inward.

Squat, bend your arms to shoulder height, turn your wrist to tilt your fist forward.

Keep squatting and repeat arm flexion.

The complete action is repeated 10 times.

  Triceps contraction exercise: exercise the triceps and abdomen, lie on your back, load your hands, bend your left leg to your knees, raise your knees to your tibia, straighten your right leg, and leave your legs a few inches off the ground.

Raise your right arm, straighten your fist to the left; bend your left arm, your fist to your ears, and your elbows up.

After the movement is completed, practice the other arm and leg.

The complete action is repeated 10 times.

  Squat biceps exercises: exercise the biceps, carry weights on the legs and buttocks, press the fists inward, and keep your feet apart as wide as your hips.

Step back with your right leg, lift your heels, and squat down, keeping this position unchanged.

Bend your elbows, bring your forearms closer to your forearms, and keep your elbows on your sides.

Forearm reset.

The overall action is repeated 5 times.

Change legs and repeat 5 times.

  Reverse push-ups exercise: exercise the triceps and abdominal supine, legs bent at 90 degrees, the upper bone parallel to the ground.

Straighten your hands with your weights up and your fists facing your feet.

Bend your elbows, turn your wrists so that your fists are facing each other, and your fists to your ears.

Two, legs reset.

The complete action is repeated 10 times.

  ”Caterpillar” action exercises: exercise the triceps, shoulders, hips and hip bones, lying down, hands on both sides of the body, holding dumbbells, fist to the ground.

Exhale while lifting your head, arms, and legs about 8 cm off the ground, and clamp your shoulders.

Helps maintain normal condition (don’t sag or rise).

All parts of the body return to their original positions.

The complete action is repeated 10 times.