[Fuling and Barley Rice]_ Coix Seeds_Efficacy

[Fuling and Barley Rice]_ Coix Seeds_Efficacy

Poria and indica rice have a good body conditioning effect. We know that Poria and indica rice are relatively common ingredients, and they are also Chinese herbal medicines. They can play a good role in dehumidification and swelling, especially for edema-type bodies.Can play a certain weight loss effect, for girls can also play a certain role in beauty and beauty, can promote skin whitening, let’s look at this content.

Fuling plus indica rice 1 can dampen and swell red beans. The three foods of indica rice and indica are Chinese medicines for spleen and dampness. It is often eaten with red bean indica rice and poria congee.Treatment and prevention of various diseases such as unfavorable urination, etc. When eating, you can put them together and wash them with water, then add water to boil water.

2, can cure insomnia, red beans, barley and Poria, a large amount of lecithin, protease and a variety of free radical substances, these substances after being absorbed by the body can directly affect the human nervous system, so that it relaxes and regulatesEmotions can also treat insomnia and dreams, and often dissolve the good efficacy of calming and soothing when often consumed.

3, can be beauty red beans, barley and Poria, there are good beauty effects, these ingredients are rich in a variety of vitamins, of which vitamin E content is the highest, it is a natural beauty ingredient that can speed up skin cellsMetabolism can also inhibit the generation of pigmentation and acne. In addition, there are some phenolic substances and flavonoids in red bean barley Poria, which can reduce the formation of wrinkles. Usually, eating more red bean barley and Poria can make your skin tender.smooth.
It is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, but many herbs are also edible. For example, dandelion can be eaten raw or fried.

Although Poria is edible, after all, it is a kind of herbal medicine. We still need to control the dosage.